we provide total

AFFORDABLE medical solutions

WITHIN the borders of SOUTH AFRICA

Day to Day Plan

Unlimited, Managed GP visits. Accute Medication, Dentistry, Optometry, HIV Medication Management and MUCH More.

Hospital Plan

Accident Cover, Illness Hospitalisation, Maternity, Day Clinic procedures, 24 Hour Emergency, Diagnostic Procedures and MUCH More.

Senior or Junior Plan

We cater for the Elderly as well as for those under the age of 18 respectively.

Accident Cover

Simple, Cost-Effective and Reliable Health Cover.

Get peace of mind for your Day-to-Day medical and Hospitalisation needs with Economic Benefits that provide AFFORDABLE and RELIABLE private health care to all South Africans.




Professional Doctors

Increasingly MANY

HAPPY patients

Emergency Care

24 Hour Emergency care. NO waiting period in case of an accident.


Affordable Medical within the borders of South Africa

Hospital of YOUR choice

With the HOSPITAL Plan YOU get to choose the hospital for any procedure.

UNLIMITED supervised GP visits and prescribed Medication.

On the DAY TO DAY Plan you do not have a "savings" that gets depleted.